The European Union is facing a rapid increase in the elderly population. The lack of effective caring solution results in having elders with physical and cognitive problems (pre-frail) to be moved to nursery homes too early. Too little is done to let them staying at home longer.

ICT recent developments opened new technological directions to face this challenge.
However, to date, there is not a complete solution able to provide monitoring integrated with an activity center that provides activities and socialization promoting a healthy lifestyle helping the elder in managing his/her old age.

MoveCare Hierarchical Platform

MOVECARE develops and field-tests an innovative hierarchical multiactor platform which builds upon the integration of different key elements inside a hierarchical platform:

The resulting heterogeneous ecosystem is finalized at providing assistance, transparent monitoring and participation of the elder in cognitive and physical activities at home, preferentially with peers, through a full-fledged, modular, personalized, and compliant approach that does not require the elder to wear any particular device or to change his/her habits.

MoveCare methodology leverages off-the-shelf components, employed and aggregated in a robust and reliable way through an AI-based virtual therapist. The result is a low-cost hierarchical system that can be deployed massively at elders’ home.

Impact and expected results

  • Transform the third age into an active period of life increasing inclusion inside the society.
  • Tighten the bonds between elders and their social circle: relatives and other peers.
  • Reinforce leadership and innovation capability of the industry in the area of Ambient Assisted Living.
  • Better allocate resources from National Service Providers, with more effective and continuous care.
  • Nurture elders empowerment to support changes in personal behaviour and attitude to improve lifestyle and become better equipped to face third age challenges.
  • Improve key industrial sectors like Domotics, Internet of Things, Robotics, Exer-gaming and Virtual Communities.
  • Contribute to develop new care models to monitor and assist the elder at home for prolonged time, seamless connected to public services.
  • Explore integration of robotics and gamification into an Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) setting.
  • Use the multi-actor system of MOVECARE to develop and understand of new metrics that characterise the operation of multiple-actor systems.


Starting date: 1st January 2017
End date: 31st March 2020
Duration: 3 years
Total Contribution: EUR 5 993 611,25
Project Coordinator: Prof. N. Alberto Borghese, Unviersity of Milan, Italy.

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